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2017 Annual Money Maker Shootout

When: December 2nd and 3rd
Where: Arizona Archery Club
Entry: $75

Payments can be made in person at the Arizona Archery Club or over the phone (623) 266-4647. Payments must be made before November 30th. Registration is done through the portal below. Full payment and completed registration guarantees your spot, Shooting times and payments are final. Proceeds go directly to competitors and the Arizona Archery Club J.O.A.D. Program. Lunch will be provided at no charge to all competitors. Lunch may be purchased for $5 a plate at the Arizona Archery Club.

2017 Arizona Archery Club Moneymaker Tournament


Male Freestyle Professional
Female Freestyle Professional
Bowhunter (Combined genders)


Arrow Size maximum – 27/64. Arrow wraps allowed. Nocks – No lighted nocks allowed. Youth – Under 18 allowed. Freestyle – NFAA freestyle rules enforced Bowhunter – NFAA bowhunter rules enforced


For all divisions – 40cm Multicolored target face used. 3 spot triangle required for Male and Female Freestyle Professional.

Scoring rings are 1 to 10 points. X = 11.


Day 1 – 30 arrow ranking round. AB/CD format. Swap Top/Bottom positions after 5 ends. Day 2 – 30 arrow ranking round. Perfect score = 330. 2 minute ends. 10 seconds to the line.

Top 10 in each division go into a shootup head to head format.

#10 shoots against #9. Winner progresses. Winner shoots against #8. Winner progresses. Winner shoots against #7. Winners continue to shoot until they reach the #1 seeded archer.

Format: Each archer shoots 3 arrows per end in an alternating format. Lower ranked archer always shoots first unless they defer to the higher ranked archer. 20 seconds per arrow. 3 ends total per round. Highest cumulative score progresses. Maximum score per round = 99 points.

Other administrivia – Misses are to be marked with an “M”. Arrows shot out of time will be
considered a Miss. No other penalties will be assessed. Unshot arrows cannot cross the 3m line. Equipment malfunctions are allowed two ends of time to repair the issue and are allowed only in the ranking round. Elimination rounds do not allow for equipment malfunctions. Make up ends will be made up at the end of the day’s scoring. Three practice ends before scoring begins. Scoring will be done via Ianseo and will be electronically updated. Shootups will be broadcast live on the Internet via Facebook Live or other media.


To Register Please include the following –
Full Name
Email Address
Phone Number
Preference of line time (9:30am or 12:30pm) Saturday and Sunday. Thanks- Jake Willis

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