Mission MXB-Sniper Lite Crossbow


Harnesses deadly power and precision.
Bow Only for $599.99
Start Your Mission.


Product Description

Product Description
• An incredibly easy to cock crossbow that is designed for unparalleled balance and accuracy
• SyncCam™ offers an ultra-smooth draw cycle for easy cocking and precision cam synchronization that self-centers at full draw
• BIAS (Bridged Integrated Accuracy Support) Rail™ is machined and includes a bridge that runs along its centerline to provide the rigidity needed for ultimate accuracy
• Integrated BIAS Rail, trigger and scope mount system, this all-in-one system maintains positive scope to rail alignment for unparalleled accuracy and durability in all elements
• Smart Guide™ Cable Slide alleviates down pressure on the cable and the cams, which results in less torque and enhances both durability and accuracy
• PCC (Positive Cocking Control) Anchor allows for a smoother trouble-free draw every time
• Comes standard with a two-tone stealth concealment finish
• Made in the USA

Draw Weight 150 lbs.
Width 20.5″
Length 32.75″
Physical Weight 5.96 lbs.
Power Stroke 14″
Kinetic Energy N/A
IBO Speed 310 fps
Cocking Aid Rope
Color Black


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